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Welcome to Riding Hats UK. If you are looking to buy a new riding hat at a hugely discounted price then you have come to right place! We offer a huge selection of horse riding hats and skull caps, in all sizes, in fully searchable listings. We have listed our horse riding helmets in categories and by brand, which we hope you will find useful. Please browse our listings of riding hats by brand, size, type and colour, or, alternatively, use the Search facility. Just type in what you are looking for hit the 'enter' button. We have also included a guide to riding hat sizes as well as the various safety standards that apply.

Horse riding is a dangerous sport. More so for those engaged in disciplines such as eventing and show jumping, but even for those who simply hack, horses are large and often unpredictable animals and accidents do happen! Air Ambulance statistics will tell you that equestrian accidents account for the second largest number of emergency helicopter call outs annually, second only to road traffic accidents.

Please don't think that we are trying to put you off! We love horse riding too! Safety, however, is paramount and your riding hat is perhaps the single most important piece of safety equipment you will buy. We strongly recommend that you always buy a new hat (rather than used or second hand) that complies with the relevant British Safety Standards. It is also vital that you look after your hat. A horse riding helmet that has been in an accident or even dropped on the floor may have suffered damage that will weaken its structural integrity and should be replaced immediately.

It is also vital that your riding skull cap fits properly and we will be publishing a fitting guide shortly. Not only that, but do, please, ensure that you wear your hat properly! You can have the safest and most expensive riding hat in the world but if you do not do up your chin strap and the hat comes off in an accident, you have wasted your money and put your life at risk.

Remember, in a riding accident you have the added risk of being hit on the head by a stray hoof clad in a heavy metal shoe not just of hitting your head on the ground. And that's reason enough for wearing a good quality riding helmet each and every time you ride out!

British Riding Hat Standards

Modern technology and construction materials have lead to a bewildering array of riding hats available on the market, from traditional hunting caps and show jumping hats to ultra lightweight endurance riding hats from, for example, Troxel. The difficulty for the consumer is knowing whether the particular hat they are looking at is safe enough to protect them in an accident.

The answer to this is the European and British Standards. In short, all horse riding helmets, be they riding hats or skull caps, have to pass various stress tests to demonstrate that they will afford the rider a miniumum level of protection in the event of an impact to the helmet. Many hats exceed the relevant standard. However, all horse riding hats must meet the minimum standard.

The European Standard EN1384, also shown as the BSEN1384, which WAS the minimum standard that all hats must satisfy to be sold legally in the UK has recently been withdrawn, but it remains legal to sell hats carrying that standard. Please check whether your current hat meets the current standard (see below) and if it does not, then you should consider changing it. Also, never ever buy a riding hat that does meet this minimum standard!

Legal Requirements

Please note that it is a legal requirement that children aged 14 years or under wear a riding hat when riding on the roads.

More information on horse riding hat standards is available on the British Equestrian Trading Association website here

Fitting advice can be found here


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